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Whitney Stevens Plays With Her Smother Slave


You like tits? You like ass? Then get ready for both, slave! Mistress Whitney Stevens looks straight at you and demands, "Suck my asshole, bitch!" You'll be only too happy to comply. She has an amazing baby doll body, pouty lips, and incredible, glorious, all-natural 38DD breasts. When she opens up her pussy and ass for your point of view, you'll be ready to cum right then. But wait. There's more. She drags slave Freddy to the bed by his leash and immediately hops on his face. She torments him with her sweet voice as she makes him lick her pussy first, then her ass. "Go faster", she orders, and Freddy struggles to make his tongue work faster. She moans with pleasure even as she smacks him with a riding crop and insists he do a better job. She reverse facesits him and makes him stretch his tongue out as far as it can go so it can probe her anus. She leans over his body to squeeze his balls and whack his cock with a crop.


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