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Savannah Stern Tests Her New Employee Frank Towers


It's the fantasy that makes the daily grind bearable: fucking the hot babe at work. But this fantasy is also a nightmare! Employee Frank Towers is paid a visit by his new manager . . . sweet, petite Savannah Stern. She's evaluating the personnel to determine who gets the ax. Frank's on the bubble so she decides to test him with a little game. She wants him to fuck her, but there's a catch. She pulls out a timer. If Frank cums before an hour expires, he's fired. And savannah is going to do everything humanly possible to make him explode. But first, she needs to get her pleasure. They strip and she orders Frank to go down on her. She lies back on the couch as he eagerly laps at her cunt. She rolls over and makes him lick her ass. Her moans echo through his house. Frank's ready to fuck, but she throws a curve. She wants to ride him. Not on his cock, but on his back. She straps a bridle on him, gets out a riding crop and climbs on for an extended pony ride. She makes him crawl around his living room while she slides her sopping pussy on his back. She makes him bounce as she grinds herself into a frenzy. She yanks his rein and screams as she has her first orgasm. Seeing big, beefy Frank so completely dominated by this tiny waif is absolutely unbelievable. Her thighs are the same circumference as his biceps, yet she has him completely wrapped around her finger. Now Savannah's ready for cock and Frank gratefully slams his huge erection into her pussy. First Savannah rides on top of him, then she lies back on the couch and takes it missionary. Franks bucks at her wildly, nearly forgetting what will happen if he cums before the deadline. But before he cums, Savannah demands more pussy licking. She leans Frank's head back on the edge of the couch and proceeds with forward and reverse facesitting. His tongue stretches to probe her holes as she whirls her slippery twat on his face and cums a second time.


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