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Savannah Stern Smothers The Pathetic Neighbor


Mistress Savannah Stern looks like an angel, but will treat you like the slavish dog you are. She opens the clip with a tantalizing POV scene. Savannah looks into your eyes and demands that you drop to your knees to pay homage to her gorgeous ass. She wants her pussy and ass worshiped and she want it done right. Her neighbor stops over to return a lost item. No sooner than the door opens does she instruct him that it's his face, not the item, that belongs to her. Once properly in the door on his knees, Brandon begins to serve this ass Goddess the way she was meant to. From the foyer to the couch to the banister, even the stairs, Savannah rides Brandon's tongue and face to ass induced nirvana, her luscious orbs of flesh cascading across his face like golden waves of feminine fire, her perky asshole becoming infused with his slavely tongue and mouth. Forward, reverse, full weight, sidesaddle, Mistress Savannah gives him all the ass he can lick and more, as she grinds relentlessly over his servile face.


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