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Sandra Romaine's Dick Faced Smother Slave


Mistress Sandra Romaine is back in a glorious, full nude POV. She whispers her wicked thoughts to you and spreads her pussy and ass. Inside the bedroom, sitting on the floor, Slave Freddy's face is hidden in her butt. She grabs his hair and makes him lick her asshole as she grinds on his face. She puts him in chastity and ties up his cock and smothers him more. Still craving more, Sandra pulls out a face dildo. She straps it onto Freddy's face and proceeds to give the cock a deep and passionate blow job before straddling his head and taking it all the way into her pussy. Freddy rapidly fucks her with the face dildo, making her scream with pleasure. She rides the rubber dildo until she has a very intense orgasm.


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