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Sandra Romaine Shows How To Smother A Slave


This video begins with an interview, starring Mistress Sandra Romaine. Learn why she loves dominating men with her ass and how she loves facesitting. Watch her shove her beautiful round ass into the camera and command you to worship it and lick it. Next. Sandra pulls out her sex slave and drives his face into her pussy like a piston. She grabs his head and shoves it fast and repeatedly into her pussy and ass moaning louder and louder every time his tongue goes into her pussy and ass and with an intensity we've never seen before. She bounces up and down on his tongue riding it and moaning loudly. She controls his tongue and makes him fuck her asshole with his tongue while he licks her pussy upside down. She controls his breathing, making him keep his tongue out while she bounces up and down on it grinding her pussy aggressively and rubbing back and forth an explosive orgasm.


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