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Harmony's Cruel Smothering Torment


Mistress Harmony opens with a lingering POV. She spews insults at you as she shakes her cunt and ass in your face, spreading her holes wide open for your worthless tongue. Then down to business. She straddles and smothers the face of Slave Baxter and grinds away. For this session Harmony is genuinely horny and really goes for it. She demands that the slave get himself hard, then savagely slaps and whips his cock. She spanks that engorged dick hard enough to make the poor slave scream into her smothering ass. Then as she is facesitting him, she leans over and takes his cock all the way down her throat. But as soon as pain becomes pleasure, it becomes pain again. Harmony unleashes a barrage of slapping and whipping to all the sensitive parts of his body.


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