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Gianna Dominates With Her Body


Mistress Gianna has a sexy meaty body, her fleshy ass, her gigantic, pendulous, natural jugs. And today, she's feeling playful. One moment she sweet talks you, the next she screams commands that you'd better obey . . . or else. She pulls aside her panties and invites you into her perfect pink cunt. But beware. This pussy is the entrance to a roller-coaster of the damned. Mistress Gianna's victim is slave Jonesy. You can see the terror in his eyes as she hauls him around on his hands and knees by his leash. She torments him by shoving her pussy in his face, bending his head back and straddling him as she sits on his shoulders. He can't take much of that, so she throws him to the floor and smothers him with her pussy. She squeezes his bald head between her heavy thighs, screams at him and beats him with the crop when he dares to take a breath.


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