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Eat Sandra Romaine's Ass Or Endure CBT Fun


Mistress Sandra Romaine starts out so quiet and innocent, you'd never guess what horror is to come. She shows off her beautiful curves and luscious dark skin; spreads her thick pussy lips and opens her asshole while whispering softly just to you. Then it's slave time. Slave Freddy Baxter is shackled naked to the bed and Mistress Sandra slowly taunts him, lightly tapping him with her riding crop. Soon enough, the light tapping becomes vicious whipping. Sandra sits her big ass down on Freddy's face, blocking his screams as she smacks his cock with the crop. Sandra decides her slave is too noisy. So she takes off her panties and stuffs them in his mouth. Then she starts seriously brutalizing his genitals. Whipping his dick, pulling it, twisting it. She literally lifts him off the bed by his balls!


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