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Whipped In Stocks


This nice looking petite brunette is hogtied to a chair, backwards, as her dungeon master prepares to dish out a fiendish rope whipping. She`s already bound up in rope. The girl is trying hard to escape, but can`t budge from the chair that is mounted to the table. Her dungeon master lets loose another flurry of lashes on her back and ass. He taunts and teases her, as he rubs her sore welts. She protests and whines, but that won`t do her any good, as this monster of a man now has her in his clutches. He`s going to see to it that every inch of her vulnerable and innocent skin is lashed to a red pulp. Look at how he circles her and stares with those predatory eyes. He`s just planning his sinister attack. When he does move in, this suffering hottie is going to be yelling for the moon. Now she is all his as she melts into a ball of whimpering nothingness.


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