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Sweet Butt Punishment


This brunette`s sweet butt gets a nasty beat down by her dungeon master. He has that cute butt poking out to the world, which he gladly introduces to his cane. Each languishing lash of that stick makes her buttcheeks redden and howl for mercy. Mercy isn`t about to happen, since her dungeon master fooled her into thinking this was just a tender caning. His switches, hands and other fiendish BDSM devices go to work on her tender little tush. Wincing and whimpering like a puppy, he increases the intensity of the session. Soon she`s rubbing her butt to alleviate the pain, but that`s not going to do her any good, since the dungeon master pours it on even more. She starts to realize that maybe she should have had second thoughts about this dude. It`s too late. With every lash and pinch, this chick is in for trouble. Her asscheeks get redder by the minute. You`re seeing all the filthy action right here.


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