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Crybaby Isabell Needs More Hardcore Slave Training


Infamous crybaby pain slut Isabell has earned herself another brutal punishment. She missed her nightly curfew again. Seems she needs more slave training. Obedience is key to her strict Master. His domination isn't easy to endure, especially for her. A little slap makes her tear up. So she's tied with rope to a concrete post down in the tunnels, high pulled up high over head and feet keep in place on the ground. Her Master goes right to work with his sharp flogger, slamming it across her breasts and abdomen. Her eyes become waterfalls, more tears with every blow. He takes her off the post and bends her over the couch. She must learn to obey when out of bondage. If she moves, her punishment will be worse. He pulls out a double strand braided whip with pesky tails. He brings it down on her back and ass, leaving long marks. He stands her up and whips her entire body, leaving no clean skin. She keeps crying. She better let this lesson sink in.


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