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The Taming Of Bess


The debut of Bess. Watch the Boss and Anastasia handle the worst brat who has the sexiest behind you ever saw! Bess was supposed to have the kitchen clean and dinner ready for Boss and Anastasia when they came home from a long night of carousing at the bars. Instead they find the brat having a little chat with her master on the phone. The kitchen gets smashed to smithereens as Irene shows the new girl who the Boss is. Anastasia grabs bess and gives her a sound over the knee spanking! Bess is forced to pick everything up, and then crawls up stairs to be quickly fastened with spreader bars. Surprise! The ladies want to play – so they tease her with double and two handed flogging, pussy-cropping, electricity, spanking, nipple play, gagging, and elecro-hypnotherapy. Placed on the whipping post, she then fears that Irene Boss is going to rip into her with the bull whip. The climax of the video finds her in the schoolroom, receiving a sound birching from the Mistresses while she is strapped over the punishment box (a New West/Leda design) and some intense tickle torture. Her poor feet are tormented by 2 inch long fingernails. Our story ends with poor Bess straight jacketed and tightly tied in a chair, and you hear her recite her house rules (voice-over) while watching her squirm.


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