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The Initiation


Starring Lady Cheyenne, Irene Boss, and Sapphire.s debut on film! Scene 1: Sapphire -wants the job so bad- that she decides to go along with everything Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne want her to do. First she must strip. She is placed on the spinning wheel. Irene and Cheyenne take turns flogging her. Irene licks her nipples. Vibrating nipple clamps are attached, and a vibrator is tucked into Sapphire.s underpants. Her pussy is cropped. Sapphire in short black evening dress and sandals. Irene in black rubber police woman.s uniform with black platform fetish shoes. Cheyenne in custom red rubber dress with red platform fetish shoes. Scene 2: Sapphire is placed on the St. Andrew.s cross and psychologically dominated with the Nova Pro while the following takes place: Nipple play, birching, single tail whipping, and severe bullwhipping. Sapphire in pantyhose, panties, and black patent ankle ballet boots. Cheyenne in custom black and white rubber one piece, pantyhose, and red platform fetish shoes. Irene in black leather corset, shiny pantyhose, and knee high black kid platform fetish boots. Scene 3: Sapphire is restrained to a large bondage canopy bed for her first piercing scene. Irene weaves beautiful steel flowers around her nipples while Cheyenne comforts her by dripping ice into her mouth. Sapphire is placed on her hands and knees while pierced while Cheyenne forces her to suck rubber cock and Irene teases her pussy with a vibrator. The final cumbustion occurs when Irene cut.s Sapphire.s pantyhose off and proceeds to fuck her with a strap on. Very wet!


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