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Jaynes Sex Change


Imagine being deliberately 15 minutes early to serve your Mistresses, because you were 15 minutes late the last time and want to avoid punishment. Imagine being a slave who finds it difficult to keep your mouth shut. slave jayne bungles again, in this 3 way extravaganza. Dominant Ladies wear leather, nurse outfits, and military gear. 1). Lobby: Mistress Morgana, Mistress Anastasia and the Boss decide to teach jayne a lesson by taking turns raping her mouth for a full 15 minutes in the dark lobby. jayne is forced to sit on a metal spike mat while she sucks the strap ons. 2). Sissy Room: Next sassy jayne is taken upstairs where she is forced to strip in front of all 3 Mistresses and change into a new outfit (jayne is forced to change 3 times during the video). 3). Interrogation chamber: Once properly attired jayne is placed standing in the middle of the room, fastened with her arms in the air and legs spread. The Ladies make her watch with virtual reality glasses, while she takes some heavy corporal, cbt, and nipple play. 4). Clinic: The sex change begins, with some intense cleaning to wash away the man. jaynes tittie size is increased with a cupping set during her pregnancy and period. There is much nipple play and cbt. 5). Gothic Dungeon: jaynes treatment ends in the sit sling, while the 3 Ladies take turns with her poor pussy, and verbal admonishment ensues through out.


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