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Slave Whisper has been told that must shine Irenes costume to perfection, from the tips of her toes to the top of her mask. Whisper is then placed in liquid latex on a steel bed for nipple and genitorture with clothes pins, crops and paddles, before being placed in bondage on the floor to sexually service Irene. The sound of Irene walking around in a rubber skirt is awesome! Scene 2: Whisper is restrained in the sit sling suffering unbearable hot wax torture. Mistress Antoinette and Irene laugh and encourage her to take every drop. The fetish costumes in this video must be seen to be believed. Antoinette in custom made thigh high leather boots, corset, and red latex. Irene in skin tight black latex with leather mask and metal platform shoes. Mistress Antoinette tortures the slave girl with breast smothering, pussy cropping and tit torture, while Irene pleasures her. She is forced to wear a dildo gag and her face is put to good use. Lengthy, sexy, and wet.


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