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Dont Eat The Candy


Games people play.Domina Irene the Boss has hired valley girl Spanky to be her new secretary, but Spanky has ideas of her own. Irene eavesdrops to hear Spanky attempting to steal her clients with cut rates and suggestions of inappropriate activities! Irene decides to send Spanky on a break. While Spanky is away, Irene sticks a sucker up her bottom and calls her clients back, arranging for them to watch her nonconsensually dominate Spanky at a later date. The candy is rewrapped and returned to the jar. (Irene in a business suit and Spanky in school girl attire.) Later that day, Spanky is waiting for Irene in the dungeon. Irene is late on purpose to make Spanky miss her .appointments. and fidget. Spanky continuously looks at the clock while Irene places her in bondage in a .shoe chair., and goes off to change into rubber while she struggles. (Irene in a short shiny dress, jacket, and thigh black leather fetish platform knee high boots. Spanky in a very tight Collette corset and ankle high black patent leather ballet boots.) Irene returns to place Spanky in upside down suspension bondage, spread eagled. Spanky is flogged and whipped for her misdeeds. Her panties are cast aside. (Irene in a black rubber policewoman.s costume and patent leather black high heels.) Spanky is then severely bullwhipped. The story ends with the 2 women sharing pleasantries in the office while Spanky unknowingly places the ass candy in her mouth. Devious! Filmed at Mistress Jordans studio in Orange County California.


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