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Domestic House Cat


Filmed on location in Los Angeles at the studios of G- Force. Boss and Belladonna light up the cigars and dominate 2 submissive male creatures in this journey into hell. slave robert gets way more than he bargained for when the Mistresses decide to use him as a scale, chair, cushion, ashtray, and eventually train him as a domestic house cat! Big time cigar smoking fetishes here! The poor cameraman workhorse is even drug into the shoot to participate and gets used and trampled as well. Bondage, cbt, humiliation, vaudevillian humor, evil laughter, smoking, big top whip cracking, and foot fetish are among the D/s delicacies that form this remarkable video. A smothering scene by Boss, and Sabrina tramples and scratches the slave with Her long lacquered toenails. Boss in skin tight black buckskin mini dress with keyhole cutout front for maximum cleavage show. Sabrina Belladonna in sexy tight shiny black patent mini dress and matching thigh high fetish boots. Exotic makeup!


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