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Sindy's Peeping Tom


Sindy has a big problem. She keeps attracting peeping toms. Everywhere she goes, she catches some guy watching her, hard dick in hand. Her most recent peeper is new in the neighborhood. His way of introducing himself to hot girls is with his dick. Sindy isn't falling for it. She kicks his balls hard. It takes a few kicks before he falls to his knees. But he is persistent. If he wants some of her time, it's her way or no way. She pushes him onto the couch, legs spread, balls prepped for a series of swift knee busts. She pushes him down, smashing her feet down on his balls, making him seizure in pain. This guy seems to like it. Let's see if he can endure some extreme ball stretching with her teeth, sinking them deep into his shaft. We're thinking she has another dedicated peeping tom.


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