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Mean Cheerleader Humiliates Perverted Coach


Cece Stone made it clear to her coach that she only has sex with football players who have big dicks. When her coach tried to offer his penis to her, she rejected it and began humiliating him for having such a tiny cock! Cece decided to practice her kicks on his balls, and she delivered plenty of brutal barefoot ballbusting to her pathetic coach! He asked her for mercy, but instead she kicked his balls even harder. Cece commanded him to lick her sweaty Asian feet while she smashed his nuts with her legs. He laughed at her coach for being a pathetic old man, and she commanded him to masturbate on her feet! While her coach started cumming, she kicked him repeatedly in the balls and beat the cum out of his nuts! This cruel Asian cheerleader gave him a painful ruined orgasm, denying him of any pleasure!


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