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Kora Peters' Cleaning Boy


Kora Peters is getting ready in her dressing room for her next ball busting scene. She isn't alone. Actually being watched. The cleaning boy, trying his best to sweep, can't help but watch this cock and ball femdom. He should know better. Kora decides he needs a punishment the way she knows best. She teases him with her glorious ass, allowing him to get close enough to smother his face deep between her crack. She surprises him with a swift knee to the groin, bringing him down to the floor. She makes him undress to get full access to his dick and ball sack. She gets her hands around his neck, making him gasp for air, before starting the cock and ball torment. Kicks, biting, teeth scraping, and punches are just some of the things this ball busting chick uses to inflict some well deserved pain.


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