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Groin Kicking Mistress


Are you strong enough, and can you take it like a man?! … Mistress Jema Eve asked her future slave while he was chained in her dungeon. She began kicking and kneeing him in the balls with her black leather boots to test his fortitude and he impressed her with his ability to absorb copious amounts of pain!This sexy milf started smothering his mouth and face with her huge double D tits after squeezing and kneeing and kicking his nuts! Then, she began sitting on his balls attempting to see if they could handle her entire weight as she squashed them with her ass cheeks!She took off her pink thong panties and sat on his face with her moist wet pussy and ass. He was forced to lick her ass and pussy while she administered a cock biting blowjob! She bit into his nutsack and his penis while using her tongue to stimulate his stiff rock hard shaft!


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