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Amber Kate's New Sex Life


Amber Kate is quite bored with her sex life. Her boyfriend does the same boring things. He doesn't know she's a femdom ball busting bitch. She makes him drop his pants, legs spread, and cock and balls left hanging. They're left hanging for some torment. She kicks him a few times, testing his endurance. She sits him down, legs left spread so she can bash her knees hard against his balls. She lets him eat her pussy and worship her feet as she uses her hand to implement an extreme ball stretching, squeezing them hard, making him beg for mercy. She wants to see how he reacts when she chews on his dick for a while. She bites down hard, biting down harder when she hears him panting for relief. The ball busting femdom does have a sweet side. For all that he took, he's earned himself a firm hand job.


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