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Vanessa Williams Becomes Master's Toy


When the doctor saw the sexy and young Vanessa Williams, his dick shot up and sat her down on his couch. She's never been trained before. Great! A virgin! He soothes by feeling her skin, quite pleased with her cute little body. He wants to make sure she's completely at his every demand. He makes her undress and walk around the room like a brainless zombie, arms out in front of her. She's definitely at his will. He has her sit down and have some fun with a vibrator. He loves hearing his sex pets moan from his trusty toy. It pleases him greatly. He wants to hear her call him master, which she gladly does as she rubs her clit with the vibrating head. Her master's dick needs some attention. He wants her to beg for it. He wants to hear her say his name. She wants it so bad, she crawls for it, whining for his meat. If she strokes his cock the way he likes, she'll get a lot more than she bargained for. Every newbie should leave with a jizz facial.


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