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Stacie's Low Self Esteem Makes For A Great Slave


Our next client, the blonde hottie Stacie Andrews, has come in seeking help for a problem our perverted doctor hasn't faced before. Stacie has major insecurity issues with her body. Why do the sexiest girls think so differently of themselves? She's smoking hot and her new doctor wants her. The best remedy for Stacie's problem is to explore her kinky side, maybe become an obedient and dick hungry sex slave. He makes her get down on her knees and beg for his cock. Since she's feeling better about herself, she can use that young tight body to make her Master cum. He finally let's her have his cock and orders her to jerk it with a firm grip. He wants to see her pull on her pierced nipples and play with her tasty little pussy. She may not know it, but he's still training her mind to love her body. Every stroke of his dick and rub of her clit, the more confidence she gains. Wondering what will happen when he finally cums all over her bouncy tits? Then watch this video.


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