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Skyler Green Can't Cum…Until Now


Skyler Green can't cum. Nothing really turns her on anymore. Whenever she has sex, she wants it to end as soon as possible. She's come to the right doctor. The Doctor has Skyler sit down on the recliner, his eyes studying her tight body and cute ass. He has a special place in his groin for hot blondes. She lies perfectly still, awaiting his orders. He hands her a vibrator and demands she rubs it all over her pussy. She does it gladly, setting the wand on high, teasing her tasty clit to the brink of squirting all over herself. Her new master wants to see her on her hands and knees, vibrator still on her soaked pussy. He loves hearing the wet buzzing and a hot babe moaning from pleasure. His dick is ready for attention. It's the final step in solving Skyler's issue. She begs for his cock. Seems she is horny again and ready for hot cum. She wants to show him how deep she can take his dick down her throat. Her master has no problem with that.


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