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Natalie Lust Wants A Fun Session


Our creepy Doctor keeps getting the hottest young girls in his office, all wanting to be his sex pet. His next trainee, the sultry Natalie Lust, comes in for the fun of it all. She's never been trained before, but she heard it was fun for horny sluts like herself. She's a bit nervous. Well, she should be. He demands she call him Master, which she does without issue. To make sure she really is obedient, he has her slowly take off her clothes. What an amazing body she has. Natalie's bouncy round ass will make you cum in no time. Her Master isn't convinced. He has her walk around the room like a mindless drone, walking past anything in her way. Now for some fun. He puts horny thoughts in her mind, making her pussy cream. She can't stop her fingers from rubbing her sensitive clit. He even lets her play with a glass cock, ribbed to hit her g-spot just right. A vibrator always makes the sensation much better. It drives Natalie crazy. We're not too sure how many times she came. Now it's time for her Master to cum as well. He loves making his mindless hotties beg for his cock, pleading to touch, jerk and deep throat every inch of it. He has a big sticky load of cum waiting for her face. She might just get it before the session is over.


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