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Mandy's Rude Awakening


There are a lot of women who believe men cause most of the problems in the relationship. The women are always the saints, since they know best. Our perverted Doctor has found a client who puts that theory to rest. Mandy has come in for help to make her relationship better. She complains about her boyfriend. We really weren't paying attention. Mandy is quite sexy. Her tits bounce easily whenever she talks with her hands. After a quick conversation, the Doctor concludes it's not her boyfriends's fault. It's her fault. She needs to be a better girlfriend. He lies her down and successfully puts her at ease. He discovers she doesn't like some of the things her guy likes: pantyhose and hand jobs. It seems like Mandy is a prude. We love pantyhose and hand jobs. She needs to become a fan. So her Doctor commands she puts on a pair and play with her pussy, making her cum over and over until the love of pantyhose is deep in her mind. For her hand job problem, he lends is cock for the cure. He makes her stroke it every way possible to please her guy. She also needs to love cum. Every slut pet slave should. He leaves the mess on those jugs we fell in love with. Her boyfriend can thank us later.


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