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Maid Sex Slave: Evilyn Fierce


Our mad doctor is quite happy to see the pixie beauty Evilyn Fierce on his couch. She's in for a fun experience. Maybe she'll discover something about herself. Of course, he needs to make sure she's completely obedient before moving forward. He makes her believe she came in for a cleaning interview. She gladly tries on his French maid uniform and organizes his office a bit. He likes watching her bend over, peaking up at her little round bottom. He's ready for some fun. He puts a few dirty thoughts in her mind, enough to make her cream and feel on her tight body. He lets her have some fun with his vibrator, squirting her pussy with lube so she can slide it around with ease. Her moans will definitely drive you crazy. When she's had enough, she falls to her knees and begs for her master's cock. Her master can't resist and allows her to pull out his dick. She's cum hungry and he has plenty to fill her up. Now she has the urge to clean more boners.


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