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Maci More Becomes A Sex Slave


Our perverted Doctor saw Maci walking by the office and wanted to run his hands all over her body, commanding her to get undressed. He gets his wish with his top of the line slave training. He gets a good handful of her incredible little boobs and makes her show off her bouncy ass. He puts so many dirty thoughts in her head, making her sweet pussy dripping wet. He wants to see her play with it, making her believe she's getting pounded in both of her tight holes. Maci holds her body closely as her pelvis moves uncontrollable, a throbbing cock penetrating deeply in her mind. Her moans and satisfaction will put you under a trance. You won't be able to look away. You surely don't want to miss the rest of the show. Her master brings in a vibrator and allows her to rub her cunt against it. He wants it to feel like she's being double penetrated. It must be why she came so many times. He isn't done with her just yet. He needs a hand job to relieve his excitement. He commands her to pull out his dick and stroke it until completion, possibly kissing the head a few times. Of course, she leaves without any knowledge of what just happened.


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