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Amanda Becomes The Doctor's Blondie Pet


The tall blonde bombshell Amanda Tate came in for a session with our perverted Doctor. She's heard such good things about his top of the line whore training. You can tell he has a few naughty ideas of what to do with her. So he sits her down and puts her at ease. Her bouncy boobs end up in his hands, his other traveling up her firm thighs to feel if her pussy is wet. He wants to see everything. He orders her to pull off her clothes, which she does. Now he wants her to bend over the couch to get a good view of her cute little ass. He commands she play with her pussy, spreading it wide to peak inside. She obeys everything her new master demands. He hands her a vibrator and wants her to become friendly. She turns it up high and rubs it over her clit, down to her lips, even to her pink little asshole. He loves the sight of her long legs spread open, pelvis pushing against the vibrating head. She needs something new to play with. Her master's dick is available. He commands she crawls to his crotch, begging for meat and shoves his cock down her throat. He wasted no time at all in this session. We've created a slave training monster. 


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