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Wife Suffers From Torments


This is one horny housewife and her husband learned a long time ago that she is not the kind of wife that wants roses and breakfast in bed and sweet words. She wants a tough hand that is willing to administer the kind of tit torment that really turns her on. When you see this pain video you are going to reach for your cock when you see how truly brutal this man is with his wife and how much it drives her wild. The more she surrenders herself to him the more he torments her body and turns on her mind for the most mind blowing sex ever.Bondage videos like this one are sure to make you hard when you see how uncomfortable this trained housewife is as her husband treats her to some cruel punishment. Even though she struggles against the ropes it is only to cause more friction because the pain that they cause really turns her on. The greater the pain of the pussy torment the great her orgasm when she is finally allowed to cum. He?s not going to let it be that easy though. He?ll play with her for hours, having his fun, before he gives her the privilege of reaching orgasm.


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