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Torture Leads To Pleasure


The temptation of pleasure can really help a woman get passed the pain and she might even begin to enjoy it if she is like one of the women in this pain video set. These chicks had no idea that pain could bring so much pleasure but when they are tied up and the rope is biting into their flesh and their Mistress puts in the ball gag they get wet with excitement. They know that they will be in for some serious pussy torment but they also know that all the pain that their Mistress is intent on giving them will lead to some intense pleasure, too.It is absolutely enticing to see these women submit to the kind of pain that this Mistress can dish out. She is truly cruel in her punishment and takes great joy in making them squirm. She`ll leave them for hours with the ropes rubbing against their skin, knots biting into the most delicate parts, and make them suffer before she comes back to give them attention. And when she does it will be painful! But these bitches love it and you will too when you check out this very hot pain video!


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