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The Buns Tell The Tale


Indeed the reddened, inflamed buns tell the tale in this vid involving two women, one a Dom who is actually a rather unusual doctor, and the other a sub, whose reddened buns bear testament to the pain that has been inflicted on them. How did her buns get so reddened? That was the work of the Dominatrix doctor–her hands, her strap. She wields both artfully in pursuit of proper punishment for our young submissive, while talking to her about discipline at the hands of her boarding school headmaster and her daddy. Meanwhile the blows ring out loudly–SLAP – SLAP – SLAP – SLAP – as first the hand of the Dom, then her strap rain down on our young sub and her ever-reddening butt. The doctor is helping re-create the scenarios her patient underwent with her boarding school headmaster and her father. To this end the doctor Dom employs her hand, a strap, and now a cane to help her patient in her quest for an orgasm. Can the doctor make her patient come?


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