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Taming Of Sonya


A ball gag, forced orgasms under a powerful vibrator, tight ropes, and more are the fate of captive Sonya under the hands of a cruel redheaded Mistress. Corpulent, huge-titted Sonya incurs the wrath of her Mistress when she fails to obey every order and tries to win Mistress over by making her eyes attractive and thrusting out her huge hooters. But Mistress forces Sonya to gag and ties her up to the satisfaction of Mistress…and the definite unhappiness of poor, bound-up Sonya. Forced orgasm is the order of the day as Mistress (or Goddess, as she prefers to be called) uses a strong, electrified vibrator on the cunt of restrained and compliant Sonya, now with the gag removed from her mouth but still at the mercy of her Mistress.


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