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Submitted To Office Torture


Sometimes the plain Jane isn`t alone and single because of a lack of a man but more because of a lack of a man that knows how to treat her right. But this office worker started a new job she found out that her new boss was more than just a boss in the office. He knew exactly how to take command and tend to her sexual needs with some pussy torment. She was thrilled and scared senseless but she never uttered a word as he tied her up and proceeded to punish her pussy. This is one of the most awesome office bondage videos you`ll ever see.When you see the fear in her eyes turn to lust it will make your cock so hard you won`t be able to stop. You`re going to love seeing this girl finally get treated the way she wants to by her boss. He isn`t nice and he isn`t delicate – in fact, he is downright mean when he laughs in her face and pinches her nipples until she cries out. But for every rough thing he does to her she knows it is what she wants and she happily submits to the tit torment that she has been craving.


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