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Submissive Woman Tied


Sometimes the most normal looking women are the ones with the biggest fetishes – like the women in this pain video set. These broads come across as being so average – average looks, average weight, average wives – but underneath it all they are complete pain sluts that crave pussy torments to make them feel sexually alive. Their husbands can`t deliver the kind of sex they need so they seek out Masters and Mistresses that don`t mind tying them up and treating them like the submissive sluts that they are. The more pain they are submitted to the more turned on they get.The women in these bondage videos are really enjoying their experiences in the ropes. Although they undergo excruciating pain from their Master or Mistress the bigger the pain the more pleasure they get in the end. The biting ropes make every inch of their flesh more sensitive and when they undergo extreme tit torment they just go over the deep end. A whimper of pain sets off all the pleasure points in their brain and a soft touch followed by a stinging pinch drives them wild. These average women want more and they certainly get it in these bondage videos!


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