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Bound In Bed


These two gorgeous girls are used to getting everything they want. As models they practically have men jumping at the chance to do their bidding in bed. And it is sooo boring after awhile! But this guy is different. He knows what they need – some serious tit torment! He seduces them into coming back to his room and soon has them tied up. Oh yes, they did fight back but once they found out how incredibly pleasurable the pain that he delivered could be they started thanking him for every lash that he delivered to their perfect flesh. This is one pain video that you do not want to miss!Because they are so new to this kind of pain they really fight the ropes at first but they finally realize that the more the fight it the more pain they will get in return. They are truly at the mercy of the ropes and they can`t do a thing about it. When they finally realize that it is then that they can accept the pain and the pleasure that comes with it. Every lash, every pinch, every stinging slap becomes something that they start to anticipate and they find that there is ecstasy with each bit of pain they accept


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