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Trouble With Wine


This is a story about a girl who has a tendency to over indulge. Veronika gets a little out of control at times. When this happens her boyfriend applies a behavior adjustment in the form of a little corporal punishment. He keeps her in line by a routine application of the belt across her round shapely posteriors. When these sessions occur, Veronika is usually bent over a chair with her hindquarters projecting outward. She acknowledges her misdeed to her boyfriend and counts off the stokes. When its over Veronika must spend some corner time to think about her throbbing butt and how to behave better in the future. Veronika tends to enjoy the after effect of her punishment, which usually include some good hard sex with her boyfriend. On the most recent occasion, she unfortunately is left alone after a particularly hard strapping. But whats a horney girl to do? Veronika grabs her trusty vibrator and gives her pussy a good workout to a solitary but satisfying orgasm.


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