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A spanking good time for these two passionate lovers. JJ ravishes his hot sexy girlfriend with a hard intensity and a heavy hand. She is over his knee for a solid pounding of her ample bottom globes. Francesca swoons as the heat builds on her ass and the vibrations sink to the core of her libido. JJ continues till her nether cheeks resemble brightly polished apples. She is hot and dripping when he lifts her up and secures her wrists over her head. He continues to smack her jiggling round cheeks causing her to dance and gyrate against his touches. When she is on the brink of orgasm JJ strips his beauty and plunges his cock up into succulent frothing pussy. They pound away as Francesca cries out deeper my love, go deeper. Then Bound and set on her knees, JJ guides her head to his cock and plunges into her blind face. She gobbles him with glowing enthusiasm. He moves her semi mobile body to the couch and treats himself to a strong portion of her gaping dripping quim. First from behind then from the front in long deep thrust. Her hands fixed to the sides of her body, Francesca can only react with deep spasms and verbal swoons. She cannot see her lovers movements. He spews himself onto her waiting face. The hot liquid is a pleasant and titillating surprise to her shielded eyes.


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