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It's going to be a hard day for Sandra at the hands of her Master, Teo. She's locked in the bondage cage ready for a thorough reaming. It holds Sandra's body in a helpless posture that gives Teo unrestricted and open access to one or more of her orifices. First he attacks her mouth. Her head protrudes above the bars that hold it in place. She lovingly accepts his hard pounding jabs into gums and down her throat. Teo moves the bars of the cage to open Sandra's other holes to his ramming dark massive rod. Next it's her pussy then her asshole. He moves from pussy to asshole in a progressive rhythm that has the girl screaming with intense orgasmic pleasures. She shudders against the bars. He changes her position, this time to expose her asshole, spreading it open in a helpless state. Teo prepares her with a dose of the flogger. She winces and moans as it stings her sensitive skin but elevate her sensitivities. She swoons to his hard brutal attentions. He attacks her gapping rectum with his hard black-iron pole, drilling through the girl's pleasure center and beyond. Her body spasms against the bars holding her nearly immobile, Toe's fever builds but his final assault is directed at Sandra's soft wet mouth. Fixed into position she takes him into her oral cavity massaging his cock and balls with tongue and lips, the only parts of her body she can command. When he finally can hold back no longer, Sandra presents her tongue for his exploding deposit. He leaves her with his essence clinging to her lips and her holes throbbing with his memory. She settles into the restricting bars content that she has once again satisfied her Master.


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