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Caught in her master's dungeon, Penelope is in for a night of debauchery at the hands of her keeper. She is kept secured by her hands and neck her on her bare feet at the end of a bowed pole. Her master toys with her then begins the night's torments with a whipping, front and back. She twists and turns trying to avoid the stinging blows. Further in the night she is roped to a bench. Her mouth is pried open and kept ready to accommodate his cock. He uses her mouth then her pussy, driving his cock into her. She succumbs to her situation and swoons in an anguish that is not devoid of pleasures. She can feel her juices flow. The master knows his harsh indifference stimulates his slave's libido as he takes his pleasures with her. In the final hours he uses her mouth again and empties himself through her lips. He leaves Penelope on her knees, in the darkness, the taste of his essence still coating her throat and his scent drying on her chin and silky white breasts.


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