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An experience in servitude awaits little Hanna as she hangs by her arms, unable to speak through the red ball gag embedded in her mouth. Her Mistress toys with her lovingly, straining her nipples and slashing her thighs with her flogger. Mistress puts her through submissive paces on the end of a leach keeping her movements active with a liberal application of the whip to her upturned behind. Her head is pulled between two warm thighs to the full puffy lips of her Mistress?s pussy. Hanna offers her tongue with a long gently strokes, lapping away until she is told to stop. Her poor lacerated backside bears the marks of a hard nights service.The docile servitude at the hands of Mistress Laura is further demonstrated when poor little Hanna finds it necessary to relieve herself. Asking for permission she is told to fetch a pot and squat over it for her Mistress?s amusement.Her turmoil under Mistress Laura continues when the demure little tart is hung on the wooden frame by her dainty wrists. Stretched and strained by ropes and chains with each of her four limbs tied off. Her poor bruised body is subjected to a dose of the whip punctuated by a routine slap from Laura?s large smarting hand. She screams, yanks and gyrates against the unyielding bonds that hold her in a strained position. In the end Hanna?s bottom is a mass of burning red blotches and throbbing welts.


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