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Baby's Bath Time


Playing in her crib, a content and happy baby, Jill is sucking on her pacifier and bottle. Mother comes in to take care of her little daughter. First is a diaper check, which needs changing, then a bottom and pussy powdering to keep Baby Jill Dry. Jill suckles at her Mother's breast first one then the other before being put to bed.Little Jill wakes up with a tummy ache and Mom has summoned the doctor. Much to Jill's chagrin, the doctor needs her temperature taken, rectally of course. The doctor prescribes a suppository for Jeny's tummy. Mother positions Jill with her bottom high up and open and inserts the suppository, driving it deep into Jill's rectum. Soon she is jumping up out of her crib and racing for the toilet.Then its time for Jill's bath! She climbs in the tub and Mother soaps her down paying particular attention to sudsing up her bottom parts. When she's all clean and rinsed, Mother needs to check her temperature, She bends Jill over and inserts the glass rod into her dainty bottom. Before putting Jill back to bed. Mother treats Jill to a little playfulness with the pacifier and her loving tongue. Then it's a powdering and her diaper goes back on and she is ready for bed.


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