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Footslave Prophecies 1-1


What pretty blue heels the woman is wearing! But they must be dirty — she's asked her submissive to lick them clean. Then, as she tromps on him barefoot, he grimaces. But you know that's not putting her off or stopping her! "Does it hurt?" asks the blonde in the blue and acrylic platform heels as she tromps all over her victim. His groaned response sounds like a "Yes!" but she continues stepping all over him. Later she asks, "Are you complaining?" He probably is, but she keeps right on walking on him, first shod and then barefoot. His facial expression also conveys pain … but she doesn't seem to care a whit. Our blonde Mistress du jour feeds her foot to her slave to lick clean. Then she steps all over him. Then she feeds him her foot again. He groans and gripes, but to no avail. When a Mistress wants to trample a slave or have him clean her feet, there's nothing for it but to do as she wants … or else!


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