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Best Of Trample 5-4


Three on one is lots of fun. Three girls, sometimes in hose and sometimes barelegged and barefooted, have their way with one lucky man. Whoever dreamed up one sceme in particular is a fuckin' twisted genius. We see three girls, a guy, and a jumprope. In the traditional manner, two of the girls turn the rope while the third girl jumps. Only, she's standing ON the guy and, when the rope comes around and she jumps, she tries to stay on him when she jumps. Each of the girls has a turn, and each of the girls misses and gets entangled in the rope, but the guy gets jumped on plenty! Then the three girls, with tights on their legs but bare crotches, have fun stepping on and walking on the jeans-clad man, who moves his body and head and dislodges them as they take turns trying to walk from his crotch up to his face.


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