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She WANTS To Pass Out


What a lovely tableau-the ultra sexy Shay Sights and Kianna dozing in bed together, dressed in pjs. The girls wake up and talk about how they love to get each other off. Kianna suggests a "control thing"–by which she means smothering. The girls take off their tops, revealing four of the most extraordinary bazooms ever to stun you into silence. Shay makes her position clear: "I want to pass out!" So Kianna climbs atop her body and wraps her hands around her mouth and nose for long seconds…minutes. She begins to wiggle and shake. Finally her pretty face is released and she gasps for air…but only for a few seconds. Kianna buries her roomie between her huge breasts–what an incredibly sexy vision! They massage each others tits slowly and then use those lethal weapons to restrict access to air. Perhaps the sexiest scene involves strangulation. Kianna wraps her hands around her girlfriend's neck and slowly wrings it. The gagging sounds are incredible! Now it is Shays turn to subject Kianna to HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation. "It makes you dizzy," Shay purrs. "It makes you lose control. I want to know what kind of visions you have…" Now Kianna is on the bottom, and Shay, bottomless, sits atop her friends face. This ass-ault is followed by a long bout of hand over mouth torment. Kianna obviously loves it! She would probably give her life to please her lover and tormentor. You'll see every second of Kianna's submission in extreme close up, and you'll know that she can't get even a sip of air. When she finally comes to, she whispers "I think I was out for a little bit!" This means that Shay must now increase the period of "outage." Shay even suckles Kiannas nipples while choking her! Kianna backs her twat onto Shays face and grinds into her with total abandon. "You about ready to pass out yet?" asks Kianna. "Mmm…just a bit more!" Shay whispers. These curvy and incredibly sexy ladies look amazing lodged together, breasts to stomach, thighs around faces, lungs rapidly losing all hope of oxygen. Kianna looks like she is about to cum as she strangles Shay! What an incredible turn-on!


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