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Serious Smotheration


Sabrina and Kiss are two mad Femme-Dommes who own a dog. They've hired an animal care specialist (slave tristin) to walk Fido — alas, he loses the dog! Are the girls pissed off? Oh you bet. What to do? Well, they force him to lie on the table, then apply HOM (hand over mouth) smothering with pvc-clad gloves. "Wonder if he's enjoying it?" asks Sabrina, just before she plants her ass on his face. His nose disappears way up between those cheeks! He'll be smelling brown for weeks to come, if he survives. Petite Kiss subjects him to nasty PVC-clad pussy suffocation, which very nearly causes him to pass out. Her twat lips wrap around his nose, completely blocking his airways. "I'm going to smother you with my bare feet," Sabrina announces to her victim. "They're hot and sweaty." This is followed by nostril-pinching, butt-in-face trampling, lots more twat smotheration, "I'm starting to like him," says Kiss during a breast-suffocation session. "He takes his punishment well! Death by boobs!" His pathetic little moans and gasps are hilarious. How can any man survive this level of facesitting suffocation? Sabrina allows him not even the slightest nip of oxygen! After some brief four-handed HOM-work, we are treated to the rare sight of two-girl FULL NUDE twat chokitude, which requires the girls to get nekkid and to assume some athletic positions. Shaved twat flaps wrap around his breathing apparatus. This is the video for you if you want to see some amazingly rude and nasty facesitting action! "I like squishing him like this," Kiss sneers sadistically. There's more foot-in-face-work, followed by thigh-choking — and yes, even MORE naked facesitting! These girls are deadly.


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