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Leashed And Led


Carolyn is on the hunt for an apartment, but she runs into scum-lord alix, who tries to pull one over on her. She is dressed in ultra sexy (and short) business attire with skyscraper stripper heels, but she quickly removes her jacket. She is so angry about the smell of the apartment that she decides to force alix to smell her (un-wiped) ass. She also quickly goes into a variety forward and reverse facesitting moves, Hand-Over-Mouth (H.O.M. Action), breast smothering and wrestling moves that include head-crushing scissors. Her mammoth breasts are out after the first 10 minutes, and Carolyn also seems to have a propensity to grab and squeeze his balls. The camera roams around and catches all the good angles as well as Mistress and slave P.O.V. Here panties come off after about 20 minutes, and that is where the totally nasty nude facesitting starts and continues throughout the video. The verbal abuse is excellent and constant from start to finish. She eventually makes a noose out of his own belt to pull tight and strangle him with while subjecting him to smothering facesitting at the same time.


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