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Leash Him & Lead Him


Its the morning after. Voodoo is recovering from THE killer bachelor party of all time. Strippers, blowjobs — the works. All captured on videotape. Well, you can guess what happens: His wife-to-be, Nicole Sheridan, and her hot friend Gianna Lynn find the video camera with the incriminating footage on the living room coffee table. Gianna tries to use the camera to take some shots of Nicole, but hits play instead of record. They both get a full view of all the illicit activity. Vengeance time! The girls straddle him and subject him to breast smothering galore. Listen to his screams for mercy! They slap him, then sit on his face — one girl on top of the other. This is comfortable! says Nicole. One less asshole in the world — and he's going to die looking at an asshole. He's also going to "die hard" — as they say in the movies. Seems that he becomes more fervently aroused the longer they keep their fingers clasped around his nostrils. "I've got him by the balls!" says Nicole. She squeezes his testes mercilessly while Gianna breast-tortures him. At times, Nicole seems ready for one last fuck — but just before penetration, she slaps him down. Want to see one girl strangle him while the other pinches his nose shut? The C/b torture is utterly merciless. The girls use a scarf to strangle him, and then to tie up his genitalia. Nicole wont let him get off — this torture session is all about tease, tease, tease, with NO release. His only release will come when they have choked him into unconsciousness.


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