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Hair We Are


Curvy Francesca and her lovely roommate Santana get into an argument over the television. A kinky fight ensues. How kinky? We're talking slapping, punching, leg scissors, face-sitting, smotheration, ass-cheek grabbing, LOTS of panty-clad pussy suffocation, full-blast kicks to the stomach, ultra-trampling (you've never seen girl/girl full-weight trample action like this!), breast smotheration ("Get your big tits out of my face!"), fingernail scratching, vicious attempts to tear off breasts, two-fisted punches, ass-choking ("Your nose is going right up my butt-hole!"), hair-pulling, a LOT more punching, neck stomping (leading to coughing and sputtering), and even NIPPLE BITING! (Samantha starts to cry–for real!) If you want to see two REALLY good-looking girls get into a REAL fight–genuinely violent–watch this video! It's EXTREME!


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